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It’s about my own journey towards the ninth sphere, which most of all is a condition of love in one’s soul. You become a Christ at the entering into the eighth sphere, so the faith is high in this place, but so is the sense of humour and the level of good reasoning.

Some context

Around 2014 I was guided – because I had an elevated desire to know THE truth at that time – to find a couple in Australia, that had founded the Divine Truth-organization. I watched all their recorded seminars and channelings and interviews and Q&A sessions, and have learnt so much since then and have also started changing to a lot more kind, loving, peaceful and happy person.

The most important thing I’ve received from their teachings is that I understood that I could have a very personal and direct relationship with the one creating us all, our common parent, which is the very Over-soul of everything, God. Through this connection I’ve realized a lot about God’s nature that I couldn’t really see or discern or feel before, and my love for God grows more and more as I ask to receive love and truth from God during my days.

The reason for my blog is to also have a way to communicate to my English speaking friends and other ones that find some interest in following along on my way towards the ninth sphere (this is a physical location in the spirit world, which is created for humans that have grown in love by receiving love directly from God into their soul – for comparison, people that choose to not involve God in their lives and development in love are only capable of entering the sixth sphere, and people in general on Earth pass over to the corresponding love condition in the first sphere in the spirit world when their physical body dies – there’s a lot to be said about these sphere conditions in love, and I’ll address some of it in the blog at times – have a look at if you wish to learn more right away).

I’ve translated a lot of the Divine Truth material as well as the book trilogy Through the Mists to Swedish, and I’ve run the two websites and for a handful of years as well, where I’ve also posted my own thoughts and experiences from developing in love and my relationship with God and other related things.

I wish for you to find some good use and joy in what I publish here, and I long to see you at some point in the future, getting to hear about your own, unique journey in life!

Foto: Helena Tuulasdotter, Photographer, Painter, Pyrographic Artist


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